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Digipass - Description

What is Digipass and how to use it.


  • is a credit-card size authentication device;
  • looks like a regular flat pocket calculator with some extra function keys;
  • is easy to use;
  • is a stand-alone device (no connection is required);
  • secures your transactions via our Internet bank
  • allows to transfer money to any bank in the world
  • is delivered together with its INIT PIN; however, for security reasons you must change it.
  • is PIN-code protected and erases its memory if the code has been improperly entered
  • generates a unique Response Code each time it is used and this Response Code is only valid for 30 seconds (the server compares the Response Code received with the one generated at the same time by itself and grants approval only if there is a match).
  • Any attempt at mechanical intervention will cause the Digipass electronics to self-destruct!


The Digipass gives you access to the full range of our banking services

  • Make Internal and External Transfers
  • Place and terminate deposits
  • Request a Transfer Certificate copy
  • Manage Corporate Payment System, if you are a CPS client

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